ministering to foster care youth and homeless women and their children in Northeast Florida

Sisterhood Of Servants “MULTIPLY TEN” crowdfunding campaign for the Partners In Compassion Initiative is in full swing. Here are more details about the actual fundraising process with the hope that at least 100 of our ministry friends would make a pledge to help us raise the funds needed to begin construction on the NorthPointe Acres group living facility and then recruit others to follow suit.  Here’s how the campaign will work:

1.  I provide the scripts, the graphics, and the links that you’ll need to promote the crowdfunding campaign through your personal interactions, social media platforms and email contacts. The goal is to form a group of at least 10 people that you think would be interested in our ministry (ex. Family members, co-workers, small groups, sports teams, civic groups, student clubs, bible study members, college dorm residents, Sunday school classes, etc.) and be willing to make a tax-deductible contribution to Sisterhood Of Servants

2.  The fundraising goal for your group will be at least $1000.  The target fundraising pledge for each person in the group is $100, payable by July 1st.  

Please fill out the pledge form below, and I’ll respond back to you with everything you’ll need to get started.  ~Phylicia

After completing the pledge form, all MULTIPLY TEN outreach coordinators will be sent infographics and support materials to share with members of their fundraising group to keep them motivated. Thank you for your support!