“The grimy film of ignorance, apathy, and fear that covers one’s window of perspective can be wiped clean by a softened heart that rejects excuse making and has a willingness to become the “hands and feet” of ministry on behalf of others.”~Phylicia Perry


The Global Sisterhood Initiative is a practical “helps” ministry whose goal is to provide practical resources to women abroad (primarily in third world countries) who seek to make a positive contribution to their community yet have been limited in their opportunities to provide for themselves and their children as a result of widowhood, human trafficking, cultural traditions, and civil unrest.  

PERSPECTIVE AND ACTION:  At some point in life, a person comes to the realization that the world is far more vast and complex than was previously thought. The comfortable and familiar experiences that represent everyday existence are juxtaposed with images of people whose way of life is completely foreign. Yet, there are a few basic ‘instinctives’ commonly shared by all: the desire for food and shelter, education, safety, and good health. 

The advent of technological marvels like the internet, SKYPE, and Facebook®, have made it possible to build relationships with those who live thousands of miles away in a fraction of the time it would have taken just 30 years ago. Building those relationships brings with it the stark awareness that everything isn’t always rosy and positive on every part of the planet. The G.S.I. affords those who have a servant’s heart and desire to come along side missionaries and aid workers with the tools and resources needed to implement a comprehensive plan to help find solutions to various societal ills that plague women living in third world communities.

Helping friends and family understand and empathize with people who live so far away and have no immediate impact on their current circle of influence or social network can be quite challenging…but not impossible.

G.S.I. is a natural outworking of the overall vision of Sisterhood Of Servants: to motivate and encourage women today and the generations that follow to live with a desire to serve others and willingness to implement plans of action that meet the practical needs of those in their circles of influence and beyond. 




The focus will be on the drilling of fresh water wells in rural communities and the establishment of  agricultural co-operatives 


♦ the goal is to tackle the problem of illiteracy among adults, primarily women, by providing books, teachers, and other resource materials to help faciliate the most basic of survival skills – the ability to read  

♦ Establish a preschool ministry to provide an early voice of influence in the educational development of children. 


A comprehensive training program specific to geographic area complete with vocational classes and simple business skill building techniques