Encouraging Young Women to Live with a Servant’s Heart”

S.O.S. Girls is a mentoring and community outreach program for girls age 12-18 that was established in May 2010 in southeastern Wisconsin under the leadership of Jean Schneider, Betina Foley, Trinity McCarty, and me.  Our goal is to be an “alternative voice of influence” in the lives of young women and help cultivate servant leadership skills, attitudes, and actions that are characteristic of those who live with a heart for service and a heart for others. Our leadership team wants to help them discover the joy that is found in serving others.

The girls are challenged to implement the principles from the S.O.S. Girls creed in their every day life. 

S.O.S. Girls Creed:    share  * serve  * sacrifice


  • share your resources with others
  • serve others with delight, not drudgery
  • sacrifice some of your own agenda to be an encouragement to someone else


Members attend regularly scheduled meetings that focus on developing life skills centered around the SOS Girls creed.  Members are given a “service challenge” at the end of each meeting to encourage practical implementation of the principles being taught. 


Once a month the members of S.O.S. Girls™ will be involved in an outreach project to benefit the community.  These projects provide practical opportunities for the girls to ‘live out’ the principles that are taught in the meetings while ministering to a wide demographic of people in the community


The fund was established to provide financial aid for a member of S.O.S. Girls™ on a mission/ministry trip during the summer of her junior or senior year of high school.  Unused funds are invested back into the program for future allocation.