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S.O.S. Girls @ Operation Christmas Child packing
party and Clothing Drive fundraiser

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that February is already half over.  It truly seems only yesterday my family was anticipating the beginning of 2015.  I’m so thankful for your partnership in our ministry.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. Whether it's volunteering your time or giving your treasure, I am filled with gratitude. You will probably never really understand the magnitude of your gifts this side of heaven, but a blessing is waiting for you. If I could give you a crown when you stand before the Lord, I would gladly do it! Sisterhood Of Servants is a grassroots organization in the real sense of the word. We are able to minister to others ONLY because individuals work hard and sacrifice the results of their daily sweat equity on our behalf. It's a truly humbling dynamic, and I thank you for having confidence in our stewardship of your resources. God bless you!

–  We lost several girls from our chapter due to age promotion, sports team commitments,  and family moves out of state.  Despite these changes, it has been my joy to watch the dynamic between our remaining girls deepen.  Last fall several members made the decision to commit themselves to becoming a “secret big sister” to a 1st or 2nd grade girl.  Our prayer is that a one to one mentoring relationship will develop between our SOS Girl and the little girl.  This is a great opportunity for our members to put the life lessons that
This past October, Leo Diaz of Impact Video Ministries assisted the girls and me in creating a promotion video for our S.O.S. Girls program.  Our theme is “Looking for a Few Good Women.”  The video will be released in early March.  We hope to use it to recruit leaders to start new chapters of S.O.S. Girls.  Please pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of many women as they view the video and read through the discipleship curriculum. 

SOUNDS OF SISTERHOOD CD – We praise the Lord for the blessing of perseverance!  Our music Cd was
released in early November, and it has been very well received.    If you’ve not done so, I encourage you to purchase your own hard copy keepsake.  Included with the Cd is a 12 page insert booklet that tells the story of the making of the music and includes pictures of all those involved in its creation.  As an added blessing, the Cd is also available for digital download on iTunes.  You can purchase a single song or the entire album.  Click this link to preview the music and make your selection:

ZAMBIA OUTREACH – Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!  This could be the anthem of my personal life and it is definitely representative of the thread that binds together the ministry of Sisterhood Of Servants.


I’m amazed by the movement of God, the selflessness of volunteers both near and far, and the impact that we are having in lives.  It’s really remarkable!  Our Zambian Board of Directors met in January, and I was able to attend the meeting remotely via FaceTime.  Technology is incredible.  I was especially thankful for the additional native Zambians that have joined our Board as committee chairmen.  Once again, Robert Zulu is to be commended for his communication skills and ability to share our broad vision for the MVEVI in a way that inspires others to volunteer their expertise in helping us to implement our goals.  We are looking forward to having the designated property sited and surveyed so that we finally know how many acres with which we have to develop.  We were blessed with more than $1500 in donations from our $10-N-10 for Zambia campaign last fall.  Many of you reading this newsletter contributed through that campaign.  THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for your generosity!  This winter we are utilizing an online fundraising tool that I pray will be an effective medium for promoting our international ministry to the masses.  We have established an account with Go Fund Me.  Please click this link to read more about the campaign, and I pray you’ll partner with us: 



1. S.O.S. 5 year anniversary celebration in May and “Secret Sister Reveal”
2. Launch of S.O.S. Girls promo video and subsequent expansion of the ministry·
3. Continued funding of Zambia outreach
4. Smooth transition with tribal leaders and government officials in transfer of title deed for the bush property

5. Wisdom to execute God’s vision for our ministry

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the updates.  If I can ever be of service, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or give a call.   Truly, your prayers and encouragement are like a breath of fresh air, and they spur me onward.




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