After Square`s internal evaluation is complete or within two (2) days of Square`s written request, the recipient destroys all confidential information, erases or returns all tangible beta products, and updates each beta version of a Square mobile app to the latest published version of this Square mobile app. The provisions of this agreement will apply to all confidential information disclosed. Parties who enter into the beta agreement may indicate in this clause their preferential method of settlement. You can indicate a jurisdiction and jurisdiction to which disputes are settled in accordance with the laws of that jurisdiction. Alternatively, both parties may agree to submit to binding arbitration, in which they resolve their disputes through mutually elected arbitrators. In addition, a mixture of the two approaches can be used if you indicate the arbitration procedure as non-binding. Here`s an example of Splunk: There are some risks when releasing your product prematurely to beta testers. If you are about to introduce new software, you should do a beta test. One way or another, you can offer your testers support for your application, here you can list your support conditions. Whichever support you choose, you would like to indicate that it will be provided at your own discretion to assist them in their testing activities.

Here`s an example of Apple: Miscellaneous. This agreement does not create partnerships, agency relationships or joint ventures between the parties. Any assignment of this contract by the client, in whole or in part, without PlanGrid`s prior written consent, is null and void, with the exception of an assignment to a successor who is not a competitor to PlanGrid, which is related to a merger or sale of all or part of the client`s assets or shares or related entity. If this agreement is translated into a language other than English, the translation is only for convenience and the English version is determined. If a provision of this agreement is not applicable, that provision is amended to be applicable to the full extent possible, in order to undermine the intent of the parties, without prejudice to the other provisions. If PlanGrid does not assert a right under this agreement, it is not a waiver of that right or an opportunity to assert that right later in relation to the situation in question.