Our maintenance and logistics services provide effective assistance to reduce the administrative burden of our customers and increase the ship`s operating time. The continued qualification of participation in service stations through regular service training and continuous performance evaluation programs is a standard in the quality management of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine. No one knows everything there is to know about technology and that is why suppliers offer maintenance contracts. This can be an important factor for software — the annual fee of 20 per cent of the purchase price is quite common. Some packages are so important to your environment that you can`t even consider waiting for support. Other packages may not be that important. The maintenance contract should also include provisions for emergency repairs and emergency repairs as well as planned maintenance work. At some point, each system will need to be operated on urgently; However, not all repairs are emergencies. The maintenance contract should define what an emergency repair is (no system can work) and what a non-emergency repair is (part of the system does not work, but its operation is not immediately critical).

However, quality costs money and not only do unit costs become more expensive, but inclusion in maintenance plans will add even more to the total cost of each technology device. This limits the total number of units an organization can acquire. However, the added value is considerable. The organization that buys “quality technology” has equipment that should have higher performance, fewer outages and less downtime. The proverbial wave effect is weak and leaves a relatively calm and calm technological infrastructure; It is often said that the best technological infrastructure is one that remains completely invisible and transparent. Users do what they need to do, and then they continue without consciously thinking about the technology they are using. Much of the submarine systems are in addition to private or unionized maintenance contracts for the sea, where they have access to strategically located repair vessels in the area, for a quarterly fee called parking fees. Because cable defects are rare, these vessels are shared by many cable systems, and the likelihood of more simultaneous errors than available vessels is relatively low. Table 17.1 shows a comparison between the two types of maintenance contracts. These are also called maintenance, assistance agreements or enforcement management agreements. The purpose of a service agreement is to describe the objectives and performance standards agreed by the various parties with respect to the services defined in the agreement. Service level agreements generally include services provided, costs, contacts, problem classification, escalation procedures, change management processes, backup, security, archiving, support structures, risk management, responsibilities, guarantees and reporting levels.

You`ll probably already have several standard service.B-level agreements with your Internet service provider – but as you focus more on maintaining the site, there are others you need to create and accept, for example. B, agreements with content providers. The maintenance technician should be required to respond to emergency repairs within a reasonable time (usually four hours after the emergency is dered) and to return the system to service within a certain number of hours after arrival (usually within eight hours). It is important that either the system owner or maintenance service agency have critical spare parts for this purpose. For example, we recommend that you have programmed and ready to use a back-up workstation, simply by swapping it with a bad workstation. Choosing quality over quantity means buying technology not because it is at the lowest price, but because it represents quality, not from the brand`s point of view, but in terms of performance