Donor countries are encouraged to write address for additional information. 6 services. None of the above affects the right of UNOPS to demand compensation for the breach of contract by each holder, subject to Article 9 and Articles 8.2 and 8.4 below: In the event of termination of the contract, the individual contractor is compensated in proportion to the actual number of working days or the percentage of the benefit provided to the satisfaction of UNOPS. It is up to UNOPS to decide which of the above bases will determine the percentage of payments made. or may be deducted by UNOPS from any amount that one of the UNOPS contractors received on the other hand after receiving a notification of termination of the contract, unless UNOPS may, by other means, order in writing: (i) (ii) no additional or additional commitments have been made under the agreement; Take immediate steps to immediately and orderly end the implementation of treaty obligations, while minimizing costs; (iii) unops to provide all documents, plans, drawings, other objects or information that the individual contractor, if the contract had not been terminated, would be required to provide UNOPS before the end of the agreement (in order to avoid doubts: a) if documents, plans, drawings, other objects or information are not yet completed, the individual contractor must submit all projects; and b) chairing it includes ownership and information in electronic form). 9. UNSATISFACTORY OR INCOMPLETE SERVICES 9.1. In the event that: the services provided by the individual contractor are unsatisfactory, that UNOPS is incomplete or does not comply with this agreement, that UNOPS has the right to refuse acceptance of services (or their parties) and (i) to order each provider to correct or terminate the services (or their parties) or (ii) to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 8 and to ensure that the services (or their parts) are rectified, supplemented or provided by another contractor. All costs incurred by UNOPS due to the unsatisfactory or incomplete provision of services may be deducted from UNOPS from all payments due to the individual contractor of UNOPS. Nothing in the above affects the right of UNOPS to demand further compensation for the violation of the agreement by each contractor.