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if you use a Microsoft application that is included in Windows and is part of Windows, then Microsoft`s licensing conditions apply to the Windows operating system for that software), any software we make available to you under the Services is subject to these Terms. Apps purchased through select stores owned or operated by Microsoft or its related companies (including, but not limited to Office Store, Microsoft Store on Windows and Microsoft Store on Xbox), are subject to section 14.b.i below. Stock prices and index data (including index values). You may not use any of the Dow Jones IndexesSM, index data or Dow Jones brands related to issue, creation, sponsorship, trading, marketing or promotion of financial instruments or investment products (for example. B derivatives, structured products, investment funds, listed funds, investment portfolios, etc., where the price, return and/or performance of the instrument or investment product are based on one of the indices or proxy for one of the indices intended to trace indices or a proxy for one of the indices). You will receive this email because we update the Microsoft Services agreement, which applies to one or more Microsoft products or services you use. 5. Use of third-party applications and services.

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