If you have a question about your license agreement or the implementation of Bluemoon software for your business, please contact Bluemoon under General Information: sales@bluemoonforms.com Technical Support: tech@bluemoonforms.com An owner can change the award form for the duration of the lease only if the occupier accepts the change in writing in an interim lease agreement or in a rental extension. The change must be notified at least 35 days before the change. If you access your forms through Bluemoon Software, you can view and print REDBOOK online as part of your licensing agreement. Tenants whose land is closed are covered by federal law. Residents should have at least 90 days before the end of their lease. Tenants must continue to pay rent. If tenants do not pay rent or have other rent injuries, an eviction may be requested. In many cases, the priority is to maintain and increase occupancy, and the beneficiary who supports the property will want to keep residents who meet their rental criteria. The Texas Civil Statute, Section 92.0081 states that the landlord has a clear right to change the locks of an apartment if the rent is a misdemeanor. However, they must notify the occupant at least three days before the lock change. After the lockout, the owner must leave the notification of where the key can be received 24 hours a day.

You cannot deny the occupant access to the apartment. Can I deduct my deposit from my last month`s rent? Yes, yes. These are legal documents that govern your rights and obligations during the application process and during and after the period during which you live in the accommodation. You must be aware of the rent, fees and down payment, non-refundable fees and the terms of refundable fees and down payments. If a request or rental agreement is not clear on these issues, you and the apartment owner should clarify them on the documents you have signed. If a resident or owner or management company retains a lawyer at all times during the claim process, it is not appropriate for HAA to remain involved. Yes, yes. Although the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation and Urban Development state that real estate cannot claim a bond for a pet companion, residents remain responsible for the damage the animal can cause. My trash can in town is missing or broken. What am I supposed to do? Can I withhold the rent if maintenance repairs are not covered? The owner of the property does not respect my rental agreement, what can I do? Can my deposit expire if I have not provided the notice of departure? Residents can contact the Houston Apartment Association at 713-595-0300 to speak with trained staff, ask questions about tenants` rights, the TAA rental agreement or file a complaint against their landlord.