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5 Years of Amazement!  2010-2015

"Vision without execution is little more than encouraging speech that stirs the heart, yet fails to engage the hands and feet." ~Phylicia Perry

Can you believe it?  It’s been 5 years since our original group of Board members met for the first time to approve our organizational Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation, write our mission statement, and cast the vision for Sisterhood Of Servants.   I’m really astounded and humbled!  More than 50% of non-profit organizations fail to reach the milestone of being in ministry for 5 years, yet here we sit.  Our hearts have always been overflowing with the desire to serve, yet our pockets have been shallow and financial resources scarce.  We have squeezed blood from turnips and stretched every dollar that has been donated to us.  God has done so much with so little (isn’t that just like him).  We thank him, and we thank you, our generous friends and prayer partners.  Without you, we wouldn’t be looking forward to the next 20 years of ministry.    Here are a few highlights from our activities this spring: 

MARCH - Chief Mnukwa's letter of recommendation arrived giving us permission to move forward with our MVEVI project and develop the land that has been donated. It is a little over 17 acres and pictured in red on the map below.   Robert Zulu, my Zambian Vice Chairman of the Board, has been the wheel that has kept this process moving forward for more than 9 months. He wishes to thank everyone that has said a prayer on our behalf, provided items for mothers and babies born at our rural health clinic, and given financially on behalf of the MVEVI project. He refers to each of you as "the partners." I concur with his description and am so very thankful for each of you. Please continue to partner with us in the days and months ahead. Now the real work begins!



After years of planning, I am so happy to announce that we are finally ready to expand our S.O.S. Girls mentoring program. The curriculum is written, our promotional video is recorded, and our Getting Started Training Kit is complete. Are you a woman of influence? Do you have a heart of compassion? There are teenage girls in your circle of influence that need quality mentors in their lives, and we have produced some timely resources to assist you in shaping the future of the next generation of servant leaders. Please visit our website to watch our promo video, view pictures of S.O.S. Girls serving in the community, and read the comments from members, parents, and business leaders. I look forward to welcoming many of you to our leadership team!



These pictures represent just a little glimpse into the amazing day we had at Coleman House. This year most of our SOS Girls members made the commitment to become a "Secret Big Sister" and Mentor to a little first or second grade girl. These little girls have been prayed for all year long and have received small tokens of encouragement each month. We had the 'BIG REVEAL' at our banquet where the little sisters met their big sister. They were princesses for the day! I'm excited to see how the Lord will grow these relationships in the future.


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