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March 25, 2013


Spring is in the air at Sisterhood Of Servants headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida!  It is my favorite time of year.  I know that in many parts of the country Old Man Winter still rears his head in full force.  I must admit there are times when I long for snow days, but spring fever has hit in this part of the world.  So much has transpired on the S.O.S. calendar since the start of 2013, and I wanted to keep you abreast of all our “happenings.”  My winter newsletter was quite lengthy, so I’ll try to be more concise this time. 


 BOARD MEETING:  Our Board of Directors met in January and voted to make our first informal grant in the amount of $250 to missionary/church planter, Kevin Pestke in Zambia, Africa.  Kevin is doing tremendous work reaching the Bush natives in the rural village of Chipata.  He has started a literacy program for the adults in his church so that they might be able to read the Bible for themselves.  They started a year long program in January that will give participants the ability to read at a 5th-6th grade level by the end of this year.  Can you imagine the possibilities that will be afforded these precious people?  Literacy will open a whole new world to them.  The bulk of our grant money will be used for classroom materials. I’m so thankful for our board members. 


INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH:  I finished writing my first grant proposal this month which outlines in great detail our plans to implement our international outreach program to women called the Global Sisterhood Initiative.  Implementation will begin this summer in Chipata, Zambia, Africa.  Please pray for us as we submit our proposal to a variety of private foundations and individual donors.  Funding is critical to our being able to accomplish our objectives in Africa. 


LOCAL OUTREACH/S.O.S. GIRLS:   Our Jacksonville, FL Chapter of S.O.S. Girls continues to thrive.  These young ladies are blossoming right before my eyes, and it is wonderful to see them display the heart of a servant.  We will conclude our first year of meetings with an awards banquet in April. We are excited about the prospect of starting several chapters this Fall at the beginning of the new school year. 

·         zambia outreach banner - Copy.jpgFUNDRAISING:  We are currently involved in raising funds for the Global Sisterhood Initiative™ (G.S.I.), which is an international, grass roots, outreach program.  The G.S.I. is a practical "helps" ministry to missionaries, national pastors, and long term aid workers serving on the foreign field who lack physical resources to minister to the needs of those with whom they share a fiduciary relationship.  The goal of the G.S.I. is to provide practical resources (literacy classes, access to fresh water, medical and maternity facilities, job training, and micro-loans) to women living in third world communities who seek to make a positive contribution to their community yet have been limited in their opportunities to provide for themselves and their children as a result of widowhood, human trafficking, cultural traditions, and civil unrest. 
I have included a link to our website that explains the program in greater detail.  We are holding a spring fundraising drive for the next 10 weeks called “$10-N-10” for Zambia.  We are asking individuals to set aside $1 a week for the next 10 weeks, from March 25 – May 31st,  to help us reach our goal of $25,000.  If the funding comes in, I’ll be leading a small, American delegation to Zambia, Africa this summer to implement Phase I of the G.S.I.   As you can imagine, this is no small undertaking.  I am praying that God would send us 2500 individuals that would be willing to sacrifice the $10 to help us get this program off the ground.
   Please take a few minutes to read through the web pages.  I hope you will get a real sense of my “heart” for this project and partner with Sisterhood Of Servants to make a lasting impact in the country of Zambia for generations to come.  
 Click here to access the fundraising page. 


Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.  Without them, our work to impact the lives of those in our immediate circles of influence as well as many living abroad would not be possible. 


Blessings to you and yours!


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