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Sisterhood Quotes
The following sisterhood quotes are thought-provoking, nuggets of wisdom that exemplify the very heart of sisterhood:  unity, encouragement, selflessness, service, and community. 


“Solidarity breeds strength. Division breeds deficiency”
“When gossip comes knocking at your door, hang out the 'no vacancy' sign"
“Envy and jealousy in the heart are like arsenic and strychnine in the body"
"United we stand. Divided we fall. We're tighter than pantyhose two sizes small!" ~James Evans, Jr., fictional character
"Burdens often seem lighter when a friend helps you carry them"


"Encouragement is the splash of color that adds vibrancy to a day full of gray"
“Love and acceptance cover a multitude of faults”
“Our words hold the power of life and death”
“A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands”
"The best way to show empathy to a friend who is discouraged is to come to her rescue with your ears ready to listen...and your hands filled with chocolate"
"A blessing that's bestowed by an unclenched hand then given away may be just the spark that lights a fire within a weary soul"
"A closed mouth speaks volumes to a friend who needs a listening ear"
"BEWARE - If you tell me "we can't" or "we've never done it that way before" you won't be discouraging me in my pursuits. In fact, you'll spur me onward and motivate me even more to achieve my goals and find a solution to the problem!"
"Girlfriends are much better than therapists...and a whole lot cheaper!"
"Strive to be a channel of blessing that gives to others...not just a reservoir that only receives!


"The grimy film of ignorance, apathy, and fear that covers one’s window of perspective can be wiped clean by a softened heart that rejects excuse making and has a willingness to become the 'hands and feet' of ministry on behalf of others"
“Selfishness isolates us and hinders progress”
"Selflessness has no I's because it is blinded by the well-being of others"
"What a treasured gift to have a friend who knows how to empathize. She laughs with you when you're happy and cries with you when you're sad. A friend like this is a rare jewel indeed"


"She who accepts the call to servanthood adorns her life with a cloak of grace and sweet humility"
“Seek to maintain a teachable spirit through all phases of life”
"The Code of Chivalry lies deep in the grave, and servanthood is on a pacemaker"
"Seek to be a blessing rather than waiting to receive one"
"Be a light in your world. Let God's love shine through in the little things you do"
"Praise from people is like a great back massage...it feels so good to the flesh, and sometimes the body just craves it. The question is, will my motivations remain genuine if I'm not always rewarded with a massage?"
"When you care enough to send the very best, don't just mail a Hallmark card - give of YOURSELF.  Your time, talent, and treasure are priceless jewels to a needy, hurting soul"

♦"The life we live today determines the legacy we leave tomorrow"
♦"A people with a unified purpose for existence are a chain not easily broken"
♦"Duty without desire produces drudgery and dread"
♦"Serving others doesn't have to be complicated or fancy.  It simply takes a commitment of one's time and one's heart"
♦"The impact of my choices today will echo in the lives of generations to come - choose wisely"



♦"When it comes to pursuing your dreams, you can either make time or excuses"
♦"The trailblazer rarely takes the path of least resistance and prefers the road less traveled because she knows there is a grand adventure that lies just around the bend, filled with wonder and excitement!"
♦“A woman with impeccable character is worth more than diamonds; She is priceless”
♦“A gentle answer will diffuse anger, but an unkind word will stir it up”
♦"A genuine sister is never judgemental but will tell me the truth about myself even when the truth isn't pleasant to hear"
♦"What I believe shapes my behavior" 
♦"Disappointment and setback taste like bitter pills when first swallowed. However, once digested they send a potent dose of CHARACTER BUILDING through the bloodstream that affects the whole body in a positive or negative way...the response is up to me."
♦"Yesterday's past is gone forever. Tomorrow's future has yet to come.  Today is a rare and precious gift.  That's why it's called The Present."

"Leadership is hard because everybody who doesn't actually want to DO the work wants to tell YOU how to do the work. You'd better have thick skin." ~Condoleezza Rice
♦"Pain is often the birthplace of motivation and creativity"

©  2007-2015 Phylicia Perry/Sisterhood Of Servants, Inc.  All rights reserved  

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