Outgoing spouses can (and should) include in their agreement provisions recognizing that they have each obtained independent legal representation, which can help streamline the conclusion of their divorce. An alternative is not to seek liberation. Instead, an employer and the applicants may agree that the applicants (or all parties together) shall jointly dismiss the appeal with prejudice. It is likely that there will be no valid declassification of FLSA rights, but the rejection of the harm in an FLSA case should mean that the applicants will be excluded from a subsequent FLSA appeal on the basis of the principles of abandonment of rights. If an employer`s goal is to no longer have to deal with a FLSA dispute with a group of current and/or former employees, then dismissal with prejudice is the “belt”, and a court-authorized transaction that contains the acquittal is only the “suspended”. Only one of them is needed to prevent the pants from falling off. Therefore, when you apply for judicial authorization of a settlement, be sure to provide the court with evidence – at least the statement of the receiver and possibly his lawyer – as to why the settlement is in the best interest of the estate and, in the current circumstances, fair, appropriate and appropriate. In California, marital agreements are subject to judicial authorization. .