Most sites, including those with moderate traffic, have been evaluated and evaluated somewhere. You may be able to find other reviews on how trustworthy the site is or not. If you can`t find anything on this site, you should exercise caution if you continue. It is said that distance makes the heart melt. But sometimes you need small memories to make sure the heart doesn`t forget or becomes anxious because of the distance. As we use our phones every day, it is useful for long-distance relationship couples to have a widget on their phones to help them recall it. Lovedays is an app that counts the days when the couple were together and can also be used to remember important appointments and anniversaries. Loklok is a cute app for couples that is now only available to Android users. It allows users to access their phone`s lock screen for anyone they want. It replaces the screen with a shared whiteboard. Use this whiteboard to send messages or upload cute images to the lock screen.

The same is updated on the other person`s lock screen and vice versa. When partners use their phones next time, they will be able to see the nice news they leave. If the Green Castle icon is displayed, it means that the owners of the website have requested and obtained a secure SSL/TLS security certificate from a company authorized to sell it. Some security companies, such as Symantec (manufacturer of Norton Antivirus), provide these certificates after numerous background checks of website owners and site ownership verification. While the primary purpose of this security is to prevent hacking, the other advantage is that only legitimate websites can get them. Featured in Mashable,, Yahoo News and NBC News, Kindu is an app that aims to bring couples together through technology. This couples app explores intimate desires through countless romantic date ideas, various activities and much more. With their match system, couples can communicate privately and safely. The ultra-digitalized world in which we exist has taken everything and turned into applications. With a busy life, it might be hard to give your 100% to your other important. But don`t worry, couple apps are here to save the day! Here is a list of the best fashionable apps for couples that are used and recommended by couples around the world.

Also, if you have more apps for couples who should have been on the list of the best apps for couples, share it with us in the comments section. It`s a site-sharing app for couples that allows users to share their location in real time with their partner. It can be used to ensure the safety of the other person, even if the other person does not live in the same city. The best part is that only the user can decide with whom he wants to share his location and for how long. You can set up a preset date when you release the location, and once that period is over, Pathshare automatically ends the release of its location.