You can use an appointment with or without exit documentation. The advantage of working with scheduliing agreement publishing documentation is that you always have a record when you have sent your supplier the delivery history information that you can view at any time. There are two types of delivery plan sharing: delivery planning lines are official, i.e. they are transferred to the creditor, as stored in the system. The system does not document detailed sharing of the delivery plan sent to the creditor. Therefore, in the case of the type of document without sharing documentation, the message control system should be configured to send a message immediately to the credit controller in the event of a change in the delivery schedule recorded in the system. The delivery plan is specific to the installation, as the M and W product categories are not allowed. For the subcontracting category, the material components provided for each delivery date can be entered separately. If you want to work with JIT delivery plans, the JIT calendar code must be set in the basic hardware kit (purchase or layout view 2) and additional data from the delivery schedule. The agreement with LPA is used for the procurement of JIT. Please send me your personal email ID. I send the screenshot for the standard LPA sales proof type for the delivery plans is LZ.

Deliveries are automatically made from the delivery plan`s appointment list. Deliveries are made when the list of deliveries is made on the same date as the delivery classification is relevant. The delivery plan is implemented in the SAP system. In order for the information in the delivery plan to be transferred to the creditor, the system generates a message for the delivery plan. SA versions can be generated for delivery plans with output documentation. Sharing delivery plans can be done manually or automatically using a report. SA versions can be generated either for all selected items in the relevant delivery plan, or only for items for which classifications are created or modified. Select the appointment authorization you want and select Goto ® Sched. lines/release. What is the type of std order for “Std Scheduling Agreements (w/o Delivery Plan) – MIT Delivery Plan Delivery Plan? If you use the delivery plan with the sharing documentation, the delivery lines will not be sent directly to the creditor. Intially will be the lines of the delivery plan that are stored in the system for an LPA delivery plan only for internal information. A message informing the supplier of your hardware requirements can only be sent to the creditor when you explicitly create an SA version, i.e.

the Just-in-Time Delivery Schedule (JIT). Through this process, you can change the way classifications are represented. With exit documentation, you can disable versions of SA (delivery schedules) that are transmitted to a creditor for a certain period of time at any time. This way, you can track exactly when you sent what information to the creditor.