The region is committed to the management of its inhabitants and resources. As part of this commitment, the region has updated its vacation policy to ensure that leave benefits are taken seriously and that appropriate measures are taken to ensure staff leave time. The updated directive applies to the new holiday year from 1 April 2017. e-link is a weekly online newsletter for Regina and Saskatchewan employees, doctors and volunteers. Further communications will be made to staff in the coming weeks. If employees have questions or concerns about their vacation benefits, they should pass on their questions to their superiors. The region is committed to protecting the people and resources entrusted to us. Financial responsibility is a shared responsibility; all employees must be committed to the sustainability of the system. Leave worn for many years is a responsibility for the organization. RQHR defends a safe and healthy lifestyle, consistent with the values and principles of Living Our Values.

There are significant policy changes that all employees need to be aware of. These changes are:.