I stay in mysore and my in-laws stay in another city (Mangaloe). I pay you 10k a month as rent, May I say, mysore Suppose my job, an employee lives in x city and pays rent and his parents live in the city and pay rent. Can this employee claim both the rents of the house, that is, for his own rent, and the rent of his parents? I`m govt employee and work in various locations.my woman to live in different rental locations, they`re not a government employee.am pay for eux.je`ll show the rent bill where my wife lives for tax exemption. Yes, you can view the claim proof and HRA. I hope the agreement is on your behalf. There is no particular HRA rental release format in India, you can add the following details in the rental receipt: Hello me and my wife had taken house in common name. My wife was working and controlling her money at the default take home she is house woman I can show the rent given to him for my tax exemption hello stay in rented government neighborhoods I can have HRA exemption or not? No no. The lease is not required for the HRA exemption, but it is best to have one, as your certification body can apply for it for lower SDTs. Rental income paid during the year is used as proof of rent.

If the rental agreement is not available, you must file your rental agreement with the account extract indicating the rent paid. He earns a basic monthly salary of 30,000 ru.s, a medical supplement of 2,500 USD, other supplements of 2,500 USD and HRA of 15,000 USD. He pays 12,000 euros to rent accommodation in a metro town. Try our free HRA machine to determine your HRA exception. This calculator shows you how much of your HRA you must pay your taxes on, i.e. how much your HRA is taxable and how much is exempt. When a person works in another city, they can benefit from the tax benefit on the interest on the housing credit and LA HRA for the rented accommodation, provided that they have the necessary documents to support their right. c. You, your spouse or child minor or HUF of which you are a member, you do not have accommodation where you are staying, where you are performing your office or employment obligations, or are engaged in an activity or profession.

And the rent per person is less than 1lack per year (8250 per capita) though, no PAN card is required. A person can benefit from the HRA benefit if they pay the rent to the family member, but the person cannot own the unit. Therefore, if a person lives with his parents in his house and has the necessary documentation to prove the rent paid, he can benefit from the benefit. Mr. Anwar, an employee in Delhi, took a place on rent for which he pays a monthly rent of 15,000 in the fiscal year (FY) 2019-20. He receives a base salary of 25,000 Rs. monthly with DA de Rs 2000, which is part of the salary. He also receives an Rs 1 Lakh HRA from his employer during the year. Let us understand the HRA component that would be exempt from income tax in the GJ 2019-20.