MMB – Management and Budget of Minnesota, the department that deals with state employee relations for the State of Minnesota, including the state of Minnesota`s representation in the negotiation and management of collective agreements and work plans. We have infected dozens of our members with the COVID 19 virus, many of whom are prison officers in our state. They go to work in a secure and closed facility, nervous when they are infected and bring their families home. We have members who go home at the end of their shift to sleep in ice houses and caravans in their own alleys to isolate themselves so that their families are not potentially exposed to the virus. They can only see their children through the windows of their makeshift houses. Workers continue to work because they are dedicated to protecting and serving the public. The many victims of the workers will be honoured this afternoon by Governor Walz, our Governor of Labor. “A violation for one is a violation for everyone” and as executive director, I would add that we must all remain united as workers, because if a contract is attacked, all our contracts are attacked. On behalf of the 43,000 members of AFSCME Council 5, we are very pleased that Governor Walz and his government are standing up and fighting for nearly 50,000 public employees, many of whom are on the front lines of this global pandemic. The steps taken today by Governor Walz to move forward with the implementation of the now ratified employment contracts, which we negotiated in good faith, demonstrate his strong commitment to protecting the rights of collective agreements and the law, despite the majority steps taken by the Minnesota Senate to remove your increase in the second year. He knows that public employees make themselves and their families by embarking on exploration. Minnesota will appreciate labor contracts that are expected to raise the salaries of tens of thousands of state employees this summer, despite a GOP-led Senate vote to freeze wages to fill a projected budget deficit.

At a time when wealthy individuals and powerful corporations can get massive tax cuts and store their profits abroad to avoid their duty as Americans to pay their taxes, Minnesota employees are working hard and gracefully, compassionately and heartedly to “flatten the curve” and stop this virus that ravages our lives and livelihoods. With The decisive actions of Governor Walz to guide our state and nation through this time of unknowns and a strong and unwavering community of unions and members, we know that we will support working families to make our jobs, communities and homes stronger and safer. AWARD – In work/management arbitration, the final decision of an arbitrator, often involving both parties to the dispute. State law requires that parliament authorize contracts for public servants, but does not say that they can amend them. Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Myron Frans said Wednesday that a legal review by the agency confirmed that the Legislature is not able to “unilaterally modify the agreements or plans.” By voting OK on contracts without increases, the agency found that the Senate actually approved. WORK-TO-RULE – According to the employment contract – forced on the letter, i.e. coming to the departure time, making all appropriate breaks, including lunch, on time and leaving on time. CONTRACT – An employment contract between management and staff that clearly establishes the rights, conditions, benefits, salaries and dispute resolution process that are available to both parties and are the subject of mutual agreement between the two parties.