Lease-Guard includes: – Up to $7,500 in coverage when your vehicle is engaged. Automatic filing of the application to lease-turn-in at any time prior to the term of the lease or within 1 year of the original lease date. Covers wear and tear costs up to $1000 per individual event. The rental custody can be cancelled with a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Coverage is available for all new Honda vehicles. Maximum maturity plan at 60 months. Available only at the time of the introduction of vehicle rentals. Please note the contract for a list of included benefits. Renting a Honda should be a worry-free possession experience. Honda Lease-Guard offers security by absolving you of the financial responsibility to cover the costs of vehicle wear when using the lease. Leasing offers a good option for short-term car ownership. However, the simple stains, fleas, bumps and bumps that your vehicle endures as part of normal wear and tear are your financial responsibility when using your rental contract. Don`t risk losing a potion of your deposit for this damage or making repairs at your expense.

With Honda Lease Guard, these small damages and repairs are covered, and you can drive with safety, knowing that these potential wear costs are removed when you lease-turn-in. Please consult the contract for a list of included services. Honda Lease Guard review Please value or not? Lease-Guard Exclusions: – Wear charges above the single room limit. Repairs made prior to the termination of the contract. Change fees. Excessive mileage charges. Monthly payments during the lease. For more information, please contact our Financial Services Department at 519.623.5991. Items like simple stains, chips, bumps and things, although some of the normal risks of driving a vehicle in Canada, your liability is coming in fine leasing without the added safety of Honda Lease-Guard. Without this coverage, you may end up paying for costly repairs or risk losing part of your deposit to pay for the damage. The best way to get behind the wheel of a brand new Honda vehicle is with Honda Financial ServicesSM. We are proud to help you realize your dreams of renting your own vehicle.

Honda Leadership Leasing® offers competitive prices, as well as a number of options – from flexible terms to multiple mileage allowances. Honda Lease-Guard`s added protection allows you to take full advantage of the exciting driving experience of your new vehicle. Keep your options open with fewer advance fees, lower monthly payments and flexible contractual terms. . 5. Front and rear windows, side glass tokens, break. Honda Plus Lease-Guard helps you do it. It protects you from being responsible for simple stains, bumps and things. They will enjoy driving and will stop worrying about things that are hand control. . 12.

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