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Year in Review, 2010-2011


A brief overview of the events and accomplishments of Sisterhood Of Servants, Inc. in its first year

I will live to carry Christ’s compassion, to love a world that’s broken, to be
His hands and feet. And I will give, with the life that I’ve been given and go
beyond religion to see this world be changed by the power of Your name…

lyrics to The Power of Your Name by Lincoln Brewster


MAY 2010


♦ Sisterhood Of Servants, Inc. incorporates and holds first meeting of the Board Of Directors in Jacksonville, Florida


JUNE 2010

 Beautiful Eyes, Caring Hearts Mascara Fundraiser gets underway.  S.O.S. receives its first matching grant of $500 from Jim Hatch of Jacksonville, Florida.  More than $1000 israised.  Proceeds used to cover the expenses associated with filing for 501 (c)3, tax-exempt status with the IRS.


♦ Recipe testing, writing, and photo shoots begin for the creation of the cookbook, Sisterhood in the Kitchen              

JULY 2010

♦ The planning committee for S.O.S. Girls meets for the first time.  Pictured at right, back row left to right:Jean Schneider and Betina Foley.

  Seated left to right:  Trina McCarty and Phylicia Perry






♦ Many hours are spent cultivating culinary herbs from seed to be sold in a fundraiser that would be held in November
♦ The S.O.S. Girls planning committee continues to meet and develop the program
♦ More than 1200 pictures are taken and countless hours spent editing and typesetting the cookbook.  The "phantom font" computer virus attacks my hard drive causing the font that was used throughout the book to disappear.  Everything has to be re-typeset. I miss my printing deadline twice.





Sisterhood in the Kitchen is finally completed (PRAISE THE LORD!) and arrives hot off the presses, just in time to be unveiled to attendees at the  first S.O.S. Open House held in Jacksonville, Florida
♦ S.O.S. Girls totebags, T-shirts, and promotional material created




♦ The first meeting of S.O.S. Girls is held at Salem Public Library in SE Wisconsin
♦ Members of S.O.S. Girls host their first community service outreach project, spending an afternoon playing games and making crafts with the children from homeless families living at Twin Oaks shelter.
♦ The herbs continue to grow and a prepared for sale by members of S.O.S. Girls

♦ With the aid of White's Tax Service, the 501(c)3 tax-exempt paperwork is completed and filed with the IRS



♦ S.O.S. Girls hold an herb fundraiser in sub-freezing temperatures.  They approached grocery store patrons at Super Valu, Gooseberries, and Sentry Foods, requesting donations for the shelter.  In exchange for a donation, patrons are given a pot of herbs or recipe booklet. It is WILDLY successful.  The girls raise $889.50 in just 8 hours of fundraising! 100% of net proceeds donated to Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter to assist with operating expenses


DECEMBER 2010 - JAN/FEB 2011



♦ S.O.S. Girls hold an all day Christmas cookie bake-a-thon.  Cookies were distributed to soup kitchen patrons and patients @ a local assisted living facility
♦ More than $300 is generated through the S.O.S. online Christmas fundraiser
♦  Tamara Dickerhoof (pictured at right with her mom, Debbie) is announced as the winner of the first annual Women Of Excellence Celebration sponsored by S.O.S. She received a $150 Target gift card


Notification arrives from the IRS in record time granting Sisterhood Of Servants 501(c)3, tax-exempt status!!
♦ S.O.S Girls participate in various community outreach events benefiting the elderly and patrons of the local crisis pregnancy center.



 MARCH 2011



♦ Research into implementation of the Global Sisterhood Initiative (G.S.I.) begins


APRIL 2011

♦  S.O.S. hosts an end of the year luncheon to honor members of S.O.S. Girls for their servant's hearts and hard work serving the community
♦ The Rummaging For Rewards fundraiser is launched and will run through the summer of 2011.  Proceeds will be used to expand the S.O.S. Girls community service and mentoring program nationwide and begin the implementation of the G.S.I.

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