The film association Danske Biografer applauded the political parties who “have finally set a target for the results of the danish Film Institute`s support programmes”. The association also welcomed the introduction of more flexible DFI grant allocations and the possibility for more fragile films in cinemas to move faster on digital platforms. “There is nothing new here. The entire industry has been discussing this principle for years,” said Kim Pedersen, the association`s executive director. The Danish Parliament has reached an agreement on the future of Danish films. The film agreement for 2019-2023 sets out the framework for macro-economic and film policy for the work of the Danish Film Institute (DFI) over the next five years. The DSF does not have its own unemployment fund, but an agreement with the civil servants` unemployment fund, FTF-A. If you are a DSF member, you have the right to join FTF-A. A former film producer, Ladegaard has been with DFI since 2006 and became head of film promotion in 2015, before accepting the position of CEO on January 1, 2018. He outlined three key priorities for the DFI over the next five years: cultural impact, digital transformation and greater diversity.

DSF has a large number of agreements and agreements on the areas in which our members are employed. Almost all theatres have reached an agreement with the union. With regard to film, television and radio, agreements have also been reached on remuneration and working conditions, as well as on the payment of the exploitation of productions. If you announce yourself in one of these areas, you can contact us and receive a copy of the corresponding agreement. You can also find them on this site. Most agreements include standard contracts that should be used when entering into a commitment. You can contact DSF at any time if you have any doubts about how the contract should be fulfilled or if it has been properly completed. In the theatre business, we have agreements on retirement in most places. DSF or PFA (phone 39 17 50 00) which is our retirement company can answer questions about these agreements.

Filmx collects and distributes and pays the remunerations that the association receives and to which actors, opera singers and dancers (and in some cases other groups of performers) are entitled in accordance with laws, collective agreements or conventions.