Non-disappearance: LTM undertakes and undertakes that LTM will not provide comments, comments or defamatory or derogatory statements about the BNI, the franchisee or its staff or its employees, senior executives and future related members, sellers, investors and other related third parties to a natural or legal or public forum at any time. This section does not prevent or prevent LTM from exercising LTM`s protected rights to the extent that these rights cannot be waived by agreement or compliance with applicable laws or regulations or by an order in force of a competent jurisdiction or government authority, unless that compliance is required by law, regulation or order. LTM will immediately notify a licensed BNI and franchisee staff member of an order in writing within 24 hours of receiving this order, but in any event sufficiently prior to disclosure to allow BNI and/or franchisees to challenge the order or seek confidentiality protection, in accordance with BNI`s sole discretion. Full Agreement/Severability: This agreement contains your entire position as an LTM, which replaces all previous related agreements, and this should not be changed except by a written document signed by both parties. If a provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will not be affected. BNI is a third party beneficiary of this agreement. In the event that BNI reaches an agreement with creditors, guidelines for the rights of creditors have been set out in the agreement. The agreement indicated the rights and obligations of the parties relating to the rights of the creditor. B by providing transparent, accurate and timely information both at the time of application and use of credits, maintaining the financial identifier (Current Ratio, DeR, Debt to Service Ratio) with an agreed report with the creditor, the presentation of audited annual accounts for the period agreed with creditors and so on. Gene. The only feature of this law is the “gardening holiday” requirement, which requires employers to pay the worker 50% of his or her highest salary in the two years prior to dismissal for the period during which the worker is prevented from working under the non-compete agreement. This clause is subject to an exception if there is “another mutually agreed consideration” that is not defined. 24L (b) (vii).

(All of the above cases are considered BNI`s business secrets only if they are specific and specific to the BNI and its business activities). If part or part of this agreement were to be cancelled, the remainder of the contract will remain fully in effect. California has long been hostile to non-competition agreements. Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown signed up as an additional protection for workers the California Labor Code Section 925 (in effect for contracts concluded after the 1st As a rule, If the worker is not represented by a lawyer in the negotiation of the agreement, the employer cannot require a worker residing and working primarily in California to accept a provision requiring (a) the worker to rule outside Of California on a California right, or b) to deprive the worker of the physical protection of California law in the event of controversy in California. When an employer attempts to impose a choice of law or a counter-principle clause contrary to section 925, the worker may apply for termination actions and other remedies, including reasonable legal fees.