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But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  I Corinthians 2:9

 I ended the summer newsletter with a request for prayer for our trip to Zambia, Africa.  I can’t tell you how much I needed those prayers.  What an adventure! I could never have invisioned all that the Lord had in store for me.  There isn’t enough room in this brief newsletter to describe all the details of the trip, but I have written more than a dozen blog entries that chronicle the time I spent in Chipata, Zambia this summer.  I invite you to begin reading about the journey by clicking this link: 

We have been gifted an incredible opportunity to minister to the people of Malongwe Village in Chipata for the long term.  I’ve
summarized the results of our mission endeavors in the table below.


  1. Implementation Phase I of Global Sisterhood Initiative (well drilling, humanitarian aid, literacy class supplies)
  2. Adoption of Chinunda Rural Health Centerprovide layettes for newborns, clinic necessities & improvements
  3. Establishment of  Sisterhood Of Servants, Zambia – opening a branch office in Chipata
  4. Implementation of Malongwe Village Education and Vocation Initiative

        Building a primary and secondary school in the rural bush village

      ►   Building a vocational training center 

        Implementing a school sponsored, student run agricultural program

     ► Groundbreaking Ceremony tentatively scheduled for April 2015


We are taking an incredible leap of faith.  It’s exciting AND overwhelming!  You can imagine all the logistical planning that is involved in establishing Sisterhood Of Servants in Zambia and attempting to build a K-12th grade school for children and adults and a vocational training center.   I am humbled every time I think about how the Lord is allowing our little organization to be involved in such a great work.  He deserves all the honor and the glory.  


Phylicia Perry, Pat & Bobby Ezell at
Cartoberfest 2013

We began another year of outreach ministry and mentoring through our S.O.S. Girls program for teen girls.  We’ve been blessed by the addition of 5 new members, and there are 17 girls currently registered in our Jacksonville chapter.  With the invaluable organizational skills of Bob and Pat Ezell, S.O.S. hosted its first Car Show Fundraiser in October.  It was a huge success, and we raised over $2500!  Proceeds from the event will be used to further the local outreach ministry of S.O.S. Girls and help cover the expenses incurred from establishing S.O.S. in Zambia. 

 Lastly, I am extremely excited about a new opportunity I have to get involved in literacy training here in the United States.  I’ll begin online, training classes this month to become a certified literacy tutor.  The plan is to take all the skills that I acquire and teach the members of S.O.S. Girls.  The girls and I  hope to use this training to host a 2014 summer day camp in Jacksonville and teach 1st – 5th graders how to read.   

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of our ministry, and thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.  What a joy it is to minister to others!  ☺


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