3 What is literacy mapping? Literacy mapping includes home to home and interrogation of youth and adults who have not completed 12 years of basic training, as required by the Philippine Constitution, which completes the (Management of Information System) MIS-001, as a survey form for each OSYA 11 Portfolio registration formValuing basic literacy results (if applicable) Functional Competency Test (if applicable) Documentation of Life Experiences (EN RPL FORM 1) Summary of Training and Skills Recordings (EN RPL Form 2) Summary of The History of Work (EN RPL Form 3) Review of Learning Skills (EN RPL Form 4) Individual Learning Convention (SOUS-ASSESSMENT FORM 1) Protocol Weekly Learning (SA Assessment Form 2) Review of Learning Goals (SA Assessment Form 3) Recording of the Use of Learning Modules (SD Evaluation Form 4) A Certificate of Testing (if available) A-be Diploma (if available) – Projects , work samples, photos and other materials Portfolio content can be found in the BLW RESOURCE KIT or at alscamsur.com/ALS 9: Personal Information Literacy Notes Skills History Learning goals A record of current progress with ALS 10 should be established the learners portfolioA portfolio should be made if a learner is enrolled in ALS The learner can create and decorate the front of his portfolio as they wish A portfolio should always be properly held and ordered learners should not bring portfolios home. Periodisch S1 homework learning protocols are completed each week as with the help of homework. Program presented by: Saskatchewan Literacy Network March 2007. Peter Thompson Head of Student Services. Student Name: Tutor`s Name: 8 Barangay Literacy ProgramLEARNERS` PORTFOLIO Barangay Literacy Worker Program Unit 2: Managing the development of self and others Life Science and Chemical Science Professionals Higher Apprenticeships Unit 2 Managing the development. Characteristics of English Learners (ELLs) Language Characteristics – Differences Culture Children`s Education Practices – Family Values Role of Parents in. 6 Other Benefits of Literacy MappingA opportunity to get to know your community and measure how many illiterates are in your barangay An opportunity to raise awareness of ALS An opportunity to consider yourself as a local barangay literary workers A way to recruit you 5 Who should I in literacy mapping? All teens and adults who have not completed their basic education for 12 years are included when they complete MIS-001 and associate PWDs with seniors Even if they are not interested in MDS, please include them in MIS-001. (MIS-002 is for your registered learners) 26. At the end of this presentation, parents will be able to understand and explain to other members of the WIS community: -the complexity of the. February 22: What`s your name? Where do you work? What is your experience with EL/Civics? What questions do you have about EL/Civics? NEVER TOO LATE TO COMPLETE SCHOOL Results of the UIS survey on adult education and literacy programs in Latin America and information from UIS in the Caribbean.