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$10-N-10 for Zambia

Please join me and our board of directors in Florida and Zambia in support of our 3rd annual $10-n-10 for Zambia Outreach Campaign, June 3rd - August 12, 2018. Our goal this year is to raise $40,000 in the next 10 weeks.  Simply set aside at least $1 a week for 10 weeks and you can help us reach our goal.   One hundred percent of net proceeds will be used to purchase 300 fruit trees, 600 strawberry plants, and an assortment of vegetable seeds that will be cultivated on our 17 acre property in Zambia, Africa.  The funds will also be used to install a custom designed solar powered drip irrigation system on the property.  This state of the art system will provide a more efficient means of watering the crops, all of which is currently being done through hand pumping by the women in our existing farming co-op. Our orchard and garden is currently 1600 square meters.  We plan to expand it to 19,000 square meters (almost 4.5 acres)!  Doing so will create an economic boom and greatly improve nutrition in the village.  It will also give women the opportunity to earn an honorable income so they don't have to resort to prostitution or alcohol sales to provide for themselves economically.

Thank You For Your Support

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 6 easy ways you can be involved in our fundraising campaign...

1. PRAY for our efforts and that we reach our goal.

2. Make an INDIVIDUAL DONATION by cash, check, online, or through Facebook.  Make out your check for any amount, made payable to Sisterhood Of Servants.  Mail to:  Sisterhood Of Servants  | PO Box 441713  | Jacksonville, FL 32222.  OR  Choose your donation amount and submit payment right away via a secure link through PayPal.

click the donate button to make a
contribution via PayPal


If you and your company are passionate about expanding your global footprint through the power of the gospel, clean water initiatives, and a holistic approach to indigenous village ministry, please consider partnering with Sisterhood Of Servants as we minister to families in Zambia, Africa.  We are excellent stewards of our financial resources, and you will see an immediate impact through your partnership.  Your gift will meet the practical needs of multiple generation by providing clean water, drip irrigation, increased crop yields, improved nutrition, and economic empowerment for women and their families.  A project prospectus with proposed levels of giving and a stewardship statement are available for viewing. Donations to Sisterhood Of Servants are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS tax code.

  • silver sponsor - $1,000 gift

  • gold sponsor - $5,000 gift

  • platinum sponsor - $10,000 gift


We are giving friends of the ministry the opportunity to sponsor a tree in our orchard.  The process is really easy, and you even get to choose whether you would like your contribution to go toward the purchase of a mango, orange, or lemon tree seedling.  For a gift of $20, a commemorative plaque will be created in your honor and installed next to your sponsored tree.  Just think.  Should you ever get the chance to take a missions trip to Zambia, you can visit our property and walk down to the orchard to see your maturing tree being nurtured by members of our farming co-op.  More importantly, you'll get to see first hand the lives that are being changed because of the opportunity you helped provide our farmers to grow fruit, sell it, and provide for their families.  Their testimonies will be a powerful reminder of how one person can impact so many other people for years to come.  All you have to do is send me an email at sisterhoodofservants@yahoo.com and let me know that you would like to make a pledge toward the sponsorship, which needs to be fulfilled by June 30th, along with the recipient's first and last name and the type of tree you prefer. Our 'touch a life' t-shirts are also available for a gift of $20.  Not only do the shirts look good and feel good, the message on the front is also impactful. My daughters are pictured here wearing their shirts.  Even though
the shirts are 3 years old and have endured multiple washings, the colors/shape is still vibrant today.
Shirts are available in size S - 3X.  Click here to place your shirt order.

sample orchard plaque   sample "touch a life" t-shirt   still looking good after 3 years of wear


5. Become a MAKE A DIFFERENCE VOLUNTEER (specifically for kids and youth)

we hope to recruit at least 300 school age children/youth in the United States that would make a pledge to contribute $10 to our campaign.  Your gift will enable S.O.S.
to purchase 1 mango, lemon, or orange tree, 2 strawberry plants, and pay for the labor to manually dig the holes for the plants.
  We encourage each child
to save their money in an empty water bottle to remind them of the precious gift of water and plants that they are giving.


simply pledge to donate at least $10 yourself, then recruit 10 people in your circle of influence (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors) to give at least $10 toward the campaign. We have "share packets" that you can give to each person.  The contents of the packet includes a cover letter explaining the fundraiser, a prayer/information card, and a donation envelope that can be used for financial gifts if someone would prefer to write a check or donate cash. All of the work of explaining the fundraiser is done in the cover letter.  I just need you to be an intermediary to help get the word out.    Contact me at sisterhoodofservants@yahoo.com, and I'll mail you a supply. 

   S.O.S. is a registered, 501(c)3, tax-exempt corporation.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS tax code
© Copyright 2013 - 2018 by Sisterhood Of Servants, Inc.   All rights reserved                                      

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