1.9 In any event, in the event that the licensee is exempt from the obligation to pay royalties because a licensed product, data analysis system or data-setting system is used exclusively for a qualifying research project, the licensee must report to the donor the progress of this qualifying research project to the extent that the licensee can reasonably require it. The licensee may revoke the exemption under this Schedule B of the licensee for qualifying research projects if the licensee does not comply with paragraph 1.9. 9.2.1, without restriction, the obligation for the licensee to inform the member before exercising his rights in that member`s territory and the obligation for the licensee to enter into a licensing agreement with the member with respect to the national release of that member; any control plan is authorized, in accordance with this agreement, to use the trademarks granted in a geographical area of the region (as defined in these controlled affiliation licensing agreements) and any geographic area of the region is authorized so that at least one of the control plans is approved; and C. 1.2 The royalties covered in this Appendix B do not apply to the activities of the taker in a non-member country, where that non-member state is a sponsored territory or it was a sponsored territory at the time of the execution of the taker`s activities in that non-member state. The licensee grants the licensee, subject to the terms of this licence agreement, an indeterminate licence (subject to revocation provided for in point 5), a worldwide license, not exclusive and non-transferable, for the duration of this licensee: 9.3 The licensee must inform the licensee in writing (and, if the director`s seat is located in a member state , the member of this territory must inform in writing) before exercising his rights under this licensing agreement). a non-member state for which the licensee has not previously announced, in accordance with this clause 9.3. The notice must be made in the form that the licensee may impose from time to time and contains information on the licensee`s current and proposed activities in that non-member country, as proposed by the licensee (but the licensee can only require the same information that it may request from new related companies that propose the use of the use of the international authorisation or the taker`s non-member territories). 4.3 The licensee is required to pay the royalties that the licensee may determine in accordance with this paragraph 4. 14.1 This licensing agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this licensing agreement, replaces all previous agreements between the parties with respect to this purpose, and defines the licensee`s overall rights with respect to international release. (b) a license product that is or contains a data establishment system provides, distributes or licenses, unless the licensee`s product is used exclusively in conjunction with a qualifying research project. 2.3 Under this license agreement, the licensee has the right to create extensions from the international version and to create derivatives from the international version and these extensions. The licensee may only produce an extension or derivative of a member`s extension pursuant to a licensing agreement with that member with respect to the national release of the member.